The New Forest Hampshire England
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I built FRED after obtaining my PPL in 1980 and discovering that hiring an aircraft was to expensive to fly as often as I would like. So I joined the Popular Flying Association which is the body that controls amateur built aircraft in the U.K. They are an excellent bunch with the inspectors giving there time for FREE! Fred was designed by Eric Clutton and the letters stand for "Flying Runabout Experimental Design" the vital statistics are: Wingspan 23ft 6in,Wing Area 110sqft,Empty Weight 550lb, Max weight 800lb, Cruise Speed 70mph,Max Allowable 100mph, Take off over 200ft obstacle 300yds, Power 1600cc VW car Engine and it's all held together with glue! I had great fun flying my Fred for about four years which was nicknamed FuzzBee after an involvement with a Gorse Bush. It took me about two years to construct Fred and a great time I had whilst doing it and made many good friends. Fred now has a new owner and my licence has lapsed but great memories.